Quick Guide Hemp

This short overview will help you identify the factors that are important to you when you buy Hemp hemp oil as a dietary supplement.

The term “potency” is used to refer to the Hemp concentration in each of our products. That potency is measured in milligrams per serving. There’s no definite answer as to what Hemp product to choose, what potency or what amount will be just right in general. This is entirely individual and the chosen products, serving sizes, potency, the daily routine of taking Hemp supplement, etc. will all depend on the user and their specific needs.


Make sure to go for a Hemp product that fits your monthly budget. There are plenty of factors that determine the price of different products we offer on our site, but potency is one of the definite factors that will affect the final cost. In that respect, you can expect that our most affordable products are generally less potent and are meant for people who are just starting their Hemp journey. Of course, we offer competitive prices for all of our hemp oil products regardless of the amount of Hemp you wish to incorporate into your daily routine.


There are various ways one can take Hemp oil supplements and it all depends on the individual. By finding the right Hemp product for you, you’ll also be closer to finding the best delivery method for you personally.

For instance, you can start with more convenient methods such as spray-top tinctures and chewing gums. On the other hand, there are more potent servings available, such as Hemp oil liquid, which can be taken on its own or mixed with food and other liquids. Also, you can take Hemp in the form of capsules, which will be the perfect addition to your other dietary supplements. Finally, for the highest concentration and maximized benefits, one can take pure Hemp oil which has to be taken under the tongue, held for a minute like that, and then swallowed. Of course, there’s an array of topical hemp products designed for external use that one can purchase in order to pamper their skin and hair.



Naturally Well sources its industrial hemp from specialized farms that grow our hemp with absolutely no use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides in order for the hemp to grow as purely and effectively as possible, with no possibility of outside contamination.


The most historically used method for cannabis/hemp extracts is the use of ethanol/alcohol, which is something we at Naturally Well also practice. The main reason why this method is so effective is the fact that the cold extraction process provides the best conditions for terpene retention. Furthermore, some of our products require low-temperature and low-pressure CO2 extractions, while some Hemp isolates and vape products need further processing in order to achieve the highest purity level possible.


Due to hemp’s identity as a bioaccumulator, it is incredibly important that any products made using hemp are properly tested for any outside contamination. Naturally Well does just that – three times over – in order to produce the safest products on the market. Our safety tested process starts at our hemp’s harvest, where it is tested for outside contaminants and then is checked for microbes, mold, heavy metals, and other possible contaminants, as well as for potency of the cannabinoids present at the lab. Finally, after our hemp oil is formulated into our many products, they are batch tested to make sure that the final product is ready to be shipped to your door and safely used by you and your family.


It is important to know the potency of any supplement you are adding to your diet. This is why Naturally Well also tests for the concentration of cannabinoids in our hemp oil, as well as for outside contaminants. This testing for the potency of our oil allows us to ensure consistent servings of Hemp in our products. That means that the Naturally Well products will be dependable every time, with the same reliable levels of Hemp you count on when you buy Hemp hemp oil.

Even though it’s getting more popular as a wellness supplement, there’s still a lot of confusion around Hemp. Thanks to our dosage explanation and guide, we hope that our customers will find it easier to get the perfect product and dosage for their own unique needs. It’s essential to note that Naturally Well website, its content, and products are not a replacement for professional medical advice or a way to treat/cure/diagnose any disease/health condition. Be sure to visit your doctor if you have any questions about Hemp and ways it can help you in your particular case.