Myth #1: Hemp is good while THC is bad

This myth has its roots in the fact that Hemp doesn’t have psychoactive effects like THC does. Not to mention that because of that property, THC is illegal while Hemp is not. However, THC has been extensively researched and showed promising results in killing certain types of cancer cells. Therefore, there’s no good or bad division when it comes to cannabinoids. They all have their purposes for potential medical uses.

Myth 2: Hemp has to be illegal as it comes from a cannabis plant

Luckily, this myth is not as common these days thanks to plenty of online sources that explain Hemp. Usually, Hemp and THC are regarded differently in terms of their legality. Problems with Hemp legality at different places in not so much because of the problem with Hemp law itself but more because of the lack of proper regulations. Hemp is mostly legal everywhere in the US.

Myth #3: Hemp is only potentially helpful for anxiety or seizure disorders

When it comes to health conditions such as anxiety and epilepsy, Hemp studies have shown great results. Even though there’s plenty of room for more research, studies so far have definitely found that Hemp has undeniable positive effect on many different health conditions. At the moment, the studies are mostly focused on using Hemp for chronic pain reduction, but Hemp has proved to be useful in aiding the treatment and relieving the symptoms of conditions such as schizophrenia, as well.

Even though these myths exist and the public may still feel unsure about Hemp, there are more and more studies every day that show the efficacy of Hemp when it comes to aiding and helping the treatment of various medical conditions, both mental and physical.